State of the Planet

Collage, Artist’s Book

A series of 24 collages made through analog methods and then scanned and printed on plastic film. The book explores the intersection of socio-environmental issues present in the environmental justice movement. All images sourced from National Geographic, further complicating the compositions by asking viewers to consider the construction of authority and voice on socio-environmental issues. It examines them through the juxtaposition inherent within the medium of collage.

This project was selected by Wesleyan University's College of the Environment to be presented at the January 2018 Think Tank Symposium, Disruption/Disaster, as well as to have a copy permanently archived in Wesleyan University’s Olin Library's Special Collections & Archives.


State of the Planet began as a final assignment for Intro to Environmental Studies, but quickly took on a life of its own (though it has been stalled for several years, I do anticipate returning to it in the future).

All of the imagery was sourced from back issues of National Geographic found at SCRAP, a creative reuse center in San Francisco. The compositions were created using traditional cut and paste collage methods, and then scanned at a high resolution. The final collages were then reproduced on a transparent plastic film (used for lightbox displays) and printed on a large format Epson 9800 and trimmed to size (approximately 9X12 each).

They are stored in a clear blue plastic envelope, but are best displayed on a glass wall or window, allowing for a literal illumination through the film from whatever light source(s) happen to be on the other side of the glass.