Max. Occupancy

Web Design, Brand Development
Work done at Volume Inc.
Creative Direction: Adam Brodsley, Eric Heiman
Design Director: James Provenza
Designers: Jon Hioki, Yuya Yoshida
Design & Development (Intern): Giorgia Sage

During my internship at Volume Inc., I was asked to expand the brand and make the website of Volume’s microgallery, Max. Occupancy. The gallery, located in the studio’s entryway stairwell, tries to do “the most” with very little, and to reinvent the presupposed functions of form and space. This juxtaposition served as the guiding principle for the project’s design strategy.

We chose Squarespace as our host, and much like we did with the reinvention of the stairwell space into a gallery, tried to reinvent the cookie cutter template space of the site-builder into something surprising and dynamic. The site is structured as a multi-section single page scroll to mimic the verticality and fullness of the actual stairwell space, which is at once crowded and spacious. 


I started out with a basic logo, colors, and typography inherited from the previous intern’s work on the project, and Volume’s identity as a studio. From there, I began to experiment with the deconstruction of the Squarespace template through extensive CSS customizations and experimentation.