Mad Agriculture

Brand Identity, Strategy, Website

Completed at The Office of Ordinary Things
Creative Direction: Jonny Black
Development: Infinite Productivity

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Named after an iconic Wendell Berry poem, Mad Agriculture is at the forefront of the regenerative agriculture revolution. We created a visual ecosystem that’s as “alive, messy, and mutable” as the work they do (and the poets they read).

Mad Agriculture is a rhizomatic organization that helps farmers transition to regenerative agriculture. They offer a comprehensive array of services across multiple branches: Mad Capital, Mad Markets, and Mad Lands. They needed a versatile and memorable brand that could simultaneously embody their radical values, bring a breath of fresh air to the farm services sector, and establish trust with diverse clients and stakeholders across the agricultural industry.

The Mad Agriculture brand channels the gritty, hands-on attitude shared by counterculturalists and farmers alike—where things are slightly off kilter and the unexpected is embraced. We drew inspiration from visual strategies of the punk, hippie, and labor grassroots countercultural movements: monotone and layered imagery, repetition and rotation, outspoken graphic elements. The concept grew from resonances between these aesthetics and the core values of regenerative agriculture: thriving in liminal and border spaces, activating the edges, as well as the physical presence of prairie strips, hedgerows, and buffer zones in regenerative farm landscapes.