I Cried When the Black Rhinoceros Went Extinct (The Black Rhinoceros is Not Extinct)

Artist’s Book

A confrontation of the brutality of human-driven species extinction, its abstraction through digital media, and the idealization of conservationist rhetoric (i.e. “greenwashing”). This book specifically seeks to question the nature of extinction in a digital age when species are archived visually, materially, and genetically—and possibly provoke genuine mourning for such losses.

Composed of rhythmically laid out corrupted images of poached black rhinoceroses, enclosed in a laser cut acrylic slipcase.


Photographs of poached rhinoceroses were collected from Google Images and then corrupted for visual effect using Text Edit. The final images were laid out in Adobe InDesign, printed on a large format Epson 9800, trimmed to size, and bound using a Japanese stab stitch. A slipcase was made using fluorescent acrylic plexiglass and laser cutting and engraving methods.

Please be aware that the following images from the book contain graphically violent images, some of which are still discernible despite the glitching.